Carved in Stone

Book Cover: Carved in Stone
Part of the Elliot & Keene series:
  • Carved in Stone

What is history? The lie that everyone agrees on...Voltaire

Nick Elliot lived a fairly ordinary life. His days were spent juggling the classes he taught, his two Ph.D. students, and his own research. His evenings were mostly spent hanging out with his best friend, Joe Long or his girlfriend, Homicide Detective Cathy Thompson. That was until Joe turned up dead about six months ago. Since then, Nick has spent his evenings trying to make sense out of the senseless death of his best friend which led him to an unpleasant suspicion; Cathy is covering for someone.

As Nick begins to question the official story surrounding Joe's death, he increasingly finds himself at odds with the police, local government officials, and even the public at large.

Determined to find the truth, Nick enlists the help of psychic medium Lilith Keene which sends them down a rabbit hole neither of them was prepared to follow. What ensues is a suspense-filled journey of discovery that forever changes Nick and Lilith's understanding of reality.

Carved in Stone, the first book in Donald Dingerson's Elliot and Keene series of psychological thrillers, available everywhere April 2018.

Publisher: Naked Celt Media

The old door let out a monstrous creak as dust, undisturbed for years or maybe decades leaped off the floor. However, it wasn’t the dust or the groan from the rusted-out hinges that punched Detective Cathy Bradburn. It was the smell of death. A smell that graced her nostrils many times in the past. A smell she would never get used to.

“That’s a pretty fresh smell for the dust we’re seeing,” Cathy said.

Daniel Rainey had been Cathy’s partner for the past five years. Before that, she was just a beat cop.

“They must have come in a different way.”

“Got to find that other way,” Cathy said as she made her way into the dusty room. “You heading to The Landing tonight?”


Intellectually, she knew it wasn’t normal to talk about normal things during a death investigation but instinctually was a different story. The casual observer might find it odd, and possibly even morbid. Small talk kept her sane, so she didn’t care what casual observers might think.

“Why not? I never miss one of Ed’s things.”

A decaying and mutilated chicken corpse brought the conversation back to the task at hand. The intestines were tied around its neck and its feet showed signs of fire.

“Sick bastards,” Cathy said.

“Ten bucks says we find more of those occult symbols.”

“We will. No doubt in my mind.” Cathy surveyed the room. “Still don’t see another way in.”

“Magic doesn’t exist. You know Ed would freak out if he knew…”

“If he knew what?”

“What we discussed last time.”

Dan was right. Ed wasn’t one to go in for any paranormal explanations. He wanted hard facts that lead to unquestionable convictions.

“Nick coming tonight?” Dan said.

“He doesn’t want to. Ed’s gonna make him go.”

“I don’t get your relationship with him.”

Cathy turned the corner and came across another mutilated chicken with the intestines wrapped around its neck. The scent of decaying human flesh was getting stronger. They were close to their victim.

“Hell if I know. Every time I suggest calling it quits, Nick begs me not to tell my dad.”

“Why does Ed hate me?”

“Cause you’re a cop.”