I'm a spy and political thriller author, freelance writer, filmmaker, musician, and all around polymath. Dark Seoul is coming... July 6, 2014!

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I'm Donald, an author, freelance writer, and sometimes accused of being a polymath. My first novel, Dark Seoul, is scheduled to be released on July 6, 2014. I'm also working on a short history of spy fiction, and am available for freelance work as well.

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I love writing nonfiction as much as I love writing fiction. I've built a reputation for delivering high quality work quickly, and thrive on my ability to boil down complex subjects making them understandable to the casual reader.

I keep an open mind and never shy away from more esoteric subjects. I can write effectively on topics as diverse as mathematics, politics, science, business, art, the paranormal, mystical experiences, you name it--(Maybe that's why people like to call me a polymath).

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Hearing Classical Music for the First Time

For me it started with Star Wars. Shortly after watch­ing the film a cou­ple times my dad bought a record, this was 1977 after all. The record had not been per­formed by the Lon­don Sym­phony Orches­tra and it was not John Williams con­duct­ing. It was some, unnamed group of musi­cians look­ing to cash in on…

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The Best Coffee You’ve Ever Had

I love cof­fee, always have—and it’s not because I cur­rently reside in Seat­tle. I fell in love with cof­fee decades back when I still lived in St. Louis. When I first started get­ting inter­ested in cof­fee it was still dif­fi­cult to find high qual­ity cof­fee, espe­cially in a 1980s Mid­west­ern city. Cof­fee came in a…

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The End of Left-Brain & Right-Brain?

Right-brain vs left-brain—everyone knows that the­ory has been thor­oughly and utterly debunked by main­stream sci­ence. The gods of sci­en­tism have spo­ken and we mere mor­tals must bow down and toe the line. We have not entered into their high priest­hood of the sci­en­tists, thus can­not under­stand and must… OBEY. Here’s the way I see it; it’s…

& Right-Brain?’">Con­tinue read­ing